Incubation Model

Our incubation process was conceptualized with you in mind. From day 1 you will get everything you need to make your culinary dreams come true- one step at a time.

1. Application & Evaluation

As soon as you attend an orientation session you will learn all you need to know about our incubation process as well as the specifics and the overall tasks involved in operating a food brand. If all goes well, you will start with your formal application process, which will be followed by an interview to assess viability and validate your entrepreneurial spirit, community spirit and product idea.


2. Induction

The next step is a thorough orientation within the kitchen workspace, where we will be highlighting the practical side of things together. In this stage, we will also help you conceptualize the core of your business and finalize product development, accounting, operations and marketing. If this stage is completed successfully, participants will move on to Incubation.

3. Incubation

Procedural assistance will continue to be provided at this stage, but above all you will finally have access to top notch, affordable kitchen space. This will be the platform from which you will launch your business. We are committed to help all incubated members in their growth through a series of events, workshops, training and sales funnels.


4. Alumni Brands and Graduation

When you complete all key performance objectives within incubation, you will be ready to move your business out of Kitchen Nation, while remaining part of our vibrant alumni community. Some members may choose to continue renting the commercial space and other resources.