Not a charity, but an empowering community transformation

The closer the knit the tighter the fit. Our partner Members mean the world to us.

Not only do we give you the necessary production space and sales platform to start your business the cheapest way possible, but we also make sure that your business will grow into a sustainable F&B brand.

How it works


Sharing economy

Sharing, apart from caring, is economical. Through our integrated start-up hub for food entrepreneurs, we help budding individuals minimize risks, costs and successfully bring their passion to fruition.

Zero commitments

Building your own kitchen, buying the equipment and getting certified is certainly not a walk in the park. We live in harsh economic times that call for more flexibility, freedom and support.


We don’t simply give you everything you need to make your recipes come alive. Kitchen Nation is an all-round culinary incubator that stands by your side from testing and producing to marketing and materializing your business.